We are a Growth Agency, delivering…

More predictable and forecastable revenues

Shorter sales cycles and bigger deal sizes

Accelerated customer and user growth

Happier and more loyal customers and partners

More efficient and effective teams

Our G.O.O.D. Growth Engine is a systematic customer-centric process that combines marketing and sales strategy, execution, people and technology to power consistent revenue growth.


Blue Deer Growth Engine Funnel

Built on Vision, Values, Culture & Collaboration

Build your own Engine with our help


Light touch


Access to skills and expertise to help you make faster, better decisions.

Coaching + Workshops

Medium Touch


A more hands-on approach. We help you build it.

Capacity Building

Higher touch


We build it for and help you build internal capacity as milestones are reached.

How we charge

A mix of retainer, performance bonus and equity that are aligned with desired results and scaled to fit your budget.

Engine Parts

The Growth Engine model contains services from the following areas packaged into a comprehensive programs designed to deliver the results you need.


  • Value Proposition
  • Messaging
  • Sales Tools
  • Market Intelligence
  • Buyer Personas
  • Channels
  • List and Database
  • Technologies
  • Goal & Measurement
  • Communications Protocols


  • PR & Analyst Relations
  • Content and Social Marketing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Events
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Channel Optimization
  • User Acquisition


  • Qualification
  • Discovery
  • Opportunity Development
  • Closing
  • Skills Development
  • Process Optimization
  • Channel Development
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Feedback Loops


  • Up-selling & Cross-selling
  • Enterprise Account Growth
  • Retention Programs
  • Co-marketing
  • Continued Optimization
  • Capacity Building

Growth Engine Packages to Fit Your Stage

Whether you’re looking to validate your market, launch, build buzz, increase user acquisition, develop strategic partnerships, accelerate sales, or supplement your sales and marketing team, we have a package to meet your needs.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “Michael Moss carries vision and values into every enterprise he touches.”
    Paul Velick | Founder, SMMC Leadership Coaching
  • "Mike taught me much of what I know and use today. He was an excellent mentor and very motivating."  
    Neil Tantingco | VMWare
  • “Michael was outstanding to work with. He was always thinking of new angles for adding value to our clients.”
    Dan Garretson | CEO, The Garretson Group
  • “Michael is one of the few leaders who can clearly discuss strategy on a macro and tactical level, and one of the more inspiring leaders I’ve worked with.”
    Serena Ehrlich | Executive Director, Attention
  • "Mike is an incredible partner. He has a remarkable ability to co-create business development strategies that deliver real business value."
    Chris Coulter | President, GlobeScan
  • “Mike at BlueDeer is a CEOs dream."
    Keith Teare | CEO & Chairman, RealNames & Co-Founder, TechCrunch

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